Rebecca Jean


Josh & Berenice

Here is the creative wedding video I made with the help of Michael V, Courtney L, and Christopher B.

Wedding pictures

My friends Josh and Berenice got married today. We had a great time, got some great pictures, and got some great footage. Look forward to an awesome video!

Dancing with the Lexington Stars

It was a great event and I got to run audio. It will air in about two weeks.

Anime Con

This weekend Lexington was hosting a mini anime convention called “Chibi Kentokyocon”. I wanted to help promote, so I headed over earlier in the day to get enough b-roll to make a quick promotional video. After the video was posted, I headed back for photography.

Apr 5

Engagement Pictures

My friends Debbie and Daniel recently got engaged, so we did a day of pictures. Since he’s a paramedic we got to do some great shots with an ambulance. 

Interactive Music Video

Here’s the interactive music video we made! It was a lot of work squeezed into two days, but we had a good time. Enjoy!

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Mar 2

Time Bomb - Music Video

Today we worked on a music video that involved Michael making cakes. I promise it’ll be cooler to music. More scenes will be shot next weekend.

Writing, Shooting, Acting: Rebecca and Michael

Movie Premiere

Got to see a friends and crew screening today of an upcoming movie. Everything’s hush hush now, but can’t wait for it to hit theaters!

Casted - Makeup

Today I got to put the very talented actress Rebeca Robles into a fake cast. There’s a first time for everything!

Directed by Jennifer Silver

SFX by Rebecca Jean 

SFX Practice

Practicing gross scabs and casts for upcoming projects. Watch out!